You can find me over on Twitch at several nights a week.
Most nights, I'm playing various games with my son and we have a great time together, but I game online for more than just the fun.

I see twitch as a platform I can use to bring awareness to the severe lack of education and awareness of Epilepsy in the general public and the medical community.
Please take a second to check out and educate yourself on the many issues that people with epilepsy face and read some important facts you may not have known about epilepsy.

You can read more on why this is important to me and the many ways I increase the impact of subs and tips through my community discord server or stop by when I go live and ask, I love to interact with my viewers!

I am an affiliate on Twitch and all tips/donations and subscriber money goes back into the cause, and in many cases I match or double contributions to increase the impact.

To learn more about me, the cause, and how you can help, go to one of these places:

Twitch/thedaleplays   WePlay Discord Server   twitter/thedaleplays

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